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You can now buy gold for an investment from the Gold Recycling Centre at Antony James Jewellers.


  • We can provide gold bars from 5g up to 1kg

  • Buy Gold Sovereigns from various periods in both full and half sovereigns.

  • We can also provide Krugerrands as required.

All prices are quoted on the daily gold price– please contact us for current prices or more information.

Gold Bars

Gold Bars are often preferred for a longer term investment and can have a lower premium than other commercial gold.

Gold Sovereigns

Sovereigns tend to be the best known commercial gold; regarded as more attractive and therefore desirable in the market. They are usually very easy to resell as they are generally accepted and collected by many.


Kruggerands are probably the best known one ounce gold coins and can often be bought in large quantities and lower prices than similarly sized gold.

Why Buy Gold as an Investment?


  • Lower risk investment

  • Holds value in poor economic times

  • Means of exchange worldwide

  • Safe haven for preserving value

  • VAT free for investment gold

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