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About Us


The Gold Recycling Centre is part of the Antony James group (precious metals) which is a family firm, based in Kingston for over 30 years. We were formally known as Decroware, a manufacturer of jewellery and famous for the knot and facet rings.

As a manufacturer, we started recycling gold 30 years ago and our experience has enabled us to launch a fully recyclable service with the Gold Recycling Centre.

  • We aim to make selling your gold a simple and straight forward process, getting you the best price available at the time of the sale - please use our latest gold prices online to value your gold.

  • We speak to you personally to confirm the sale and your preferred arrangements for payment.  We're happy to advise you on any questions you may have about your gold or the process.


Whilst recycling of your gold jewellery provides you with an opportunity to make some money from your unwanted jewellery, we also believe it is important to do something for the environment.  Recycling gold helps to reduce the requirement for gold mining and minimise the impact on the planet's resources.

We can eliminate your gold waste and recycle your unwanted gold jewellery, helping the environment as well as your finances.

Not only do we recycle you gold we can also use your gold for bespoke pieces to be made custom to you. Please visit the Antony James Jewellers website for more information or alternatively gives us a call or email.

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